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I checked out the link on Amazon yesterday when you posted that you had placed an order for the Melissa's. Those Fanny's (love the name!) caught my eye below and I immediately put them in my "I WANT!" folder. I'm tempted to order them now!

Pips: I am probably the wrong person to make such a comment to! You say you're tempted? I'll only give you a list of reasons why you should move them from "I WANT" to "Cart"!

Pips! I'm with you on the Fanny. Especially with my adoration of green shoes.

Lindsey: Thanks for the copyediting humor. Totally made me laugh. Also, good point about the Apple fanboys and iPads. I still aim to get one after the prices come down, they're old hat, and / or I have a higher paying job and am not in school.

I am in that lucky category where my "want" equals my "buy." What I saw yesterday that I wanted, I bought. I don't need new summer shoes. But I want them.

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Hello Lindsey,
I added a link to your blog on my facebook! Thank you for featured my yellow clogs!

Marylouvintage: You're welcome!

Pips & Tea: I'm pleased to be your own personal enabler. I just received word from Bed|Stü that the green Fanny sandal is back in stock in the full range of sizes. Woo-hoo!

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