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I wear my own Multnomah saddle clogs today in honor of Mark's rocking New Yorker!

Frederik, I'm on my way over to read on your blog about this way cool designer—the crazy wood grains on some of her clogs is to die for!—thank you for pairing up with Lindsey to better inform us on one of our favorite subjects!

Melissa: Oh, YES! The wood grain! I knew I forgot to mention something! They look gorgeous to me, too. I think I'll be putting some pair of her shoes on my wish list for the future.

Thanks for the kind words, Lindsey. :)

And Melissa, it's a pleasure to team up with Lindsey to bring you and other ECHID/Fashioncolast readers a peek into the works of quality artisans like Isabelle. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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