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... now there's a thought. Maybe I could get Sven to make me a red pair of boots ala Swedish Hasbeens...

Tea: I was just thinking that!

Congratulations, Glenn, on your awesome new creations---I want to see images!---and bravo to Sven for making your dream boots for you!

I second Lindsey's remark about the thrill we get from slipping on a favorite pair: I get a rush of pleasure from lacing up and buckling the straps of my Fluevog Convictions and I have to keep looking down at them all day long.

(I have to say, I am the luckiest person on the planet to have a boyfriend who not only appreciates my choice in shoes and wears awesome clogs himself, but with whom I can swap stories about sales, disappointments, and triumphs; we need more like him and Glenn and all the other fine male readers here on ECHID who rock their delicious footwear choices for us gals to enjoy!)

Tea, Make sure Sven's gives me a commission!
Melisa, you’ll have to wait for Guy Day Friday next week for pictures. Or maybe if you sweet talk your boyfriend enough he’ll send you a sneak peak.

@ Melissa,

You are indeed lucky as am I. Hubby not only appreciates the styles but wears fantastic clogs himself. Unfortunately, it will be quite awhile--years, really-- before I get to slip on a pair.

kathy ann: What a pleasure to hear from you again! You've been missed!

I'm new to this website, but I feel I'm right at home. I've worn clogs since I got my first pair in the early 70's, and I still love them. I saw your blog about the Ugg "Lynnea" boots on sale at 6PM. I couldn't pass them up, so I ordered a pair of burnished black in size 10. They look and fit great. I'm one of the lucky guys with small feet, and I've taken advantage of my small size! Thanks for the tip. I hope I become a regular in here. What a great site...

Gary: Welcome aboard! The more the merrier! If you don't mind, send me a photo of your Lynneas on your feet and I'll run a special UGG post someday featuring all the readers Lynnea photos I can muster! 

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