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Be VERY VERY careful Lindsey, you will end up with just as many clogs as I have and no where to put them.You'll be packed to the rafters.

Ha! But thanks to your previous photos, I at least now have some idea of how to store them all!

@Philip: I've wanted to ask about your astonishing collection: do you wear most of them? Do you have favorites you return to over and over?

@Lindsey: hope I get to see those in person soon; they look scrumptious!

And for Guy-Day-Friday purposes, I'd like to say that my decades of male friendships and partnerships would have been way more delightful if more of them had embraced great boots like today's featured Svens! My attempts to convince men how appealing and enticing shoes like these were to women like me mostly fell on deaf... feet?!

OMG. I can't believe they contacted you out of the blue and offered you a pair of clogs! What heaven. I guess that's a perk of being a clog blogger. Those were a fantastic choice, too. If it were up to me, I would have a hundred pair of Svens. They're really well made, very comfortable, stylish, etc. etc. Plus, they're relatively local, aren't they? Isn't their HQ in MN?

Tea: Thank you! And not just Minnesota, but a place called Chisago City. The name has a certain resonance for someone like me who lives in the city of Chicago.

Ha ha! Yes indeed. And isn't the spelling of Chisago somewhat informative of the derivation of the Windy City's name? Hmmm...

Tea: I'm guessing the similarity is only coincidental. According to Wikipedia, "The name 'Chicago' is the French version of the Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa ("stinky onion"), named for the plants common along the Chicago River."

Hi Lindsey, which sole were did you choose these boots? I've noticed that they have "bendable" and "non-bendable" and it confuses me. Thanks for any info you can give! :)

Kelly: The folks at Sven fashioned my boots on what I believe is the Austrian 2" Low Heel Non-Bendable Base.  The Bendable Base is made of two pieces of wood that are fused to the rubber/plastic that makes up the sole.  They also make the Brittany Swedish 2" Low Heel Non Bendable base which is similar.  I had to choose one of these styles because the size of my feet forced me out of the Medium Heel and High Heel bases.  

The Austrian base seems to be distinguished by having an extra cushy outsole that softens your tread. 

Does this help? Ask more questions if you need.

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