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Looks like Piperlime needs you on their catwalk, Lindsey!

I am convinced that I am the worst proofreader on the planet. I had so many errors in my short reply yesterday that I went back to delete my post to rid myself of the embarrassment, but found no way to delete it. So either I need to slow down, or type my replies in a Word doc with spellcheck then copy/paste. On a happier note my UGG Chrissie t-straps came in and I had my own OMG moment.

Whoa! That was fast! But then you ordered the T-Straps from Zappos.com, didn't you? I'm so happy I could introduce you to a new pair!

By the way, I have corrected your typos. You may hold your head up proudly now. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever want something amended in the future. It's very easy for the owner of a blog to take care of. I even correct my own errors in posts that are months old just 'cause I can't bear to see 'em.

Bless you...on so many levels!

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