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I don't think I'm as brave as you: even to contemplate just ten pair is tummy-clenching; I could attempt it as an exercise in frustration, I suppose...

Seriously, Lindsey, what a fun idea—I like not having to think about including the practical, so I still sneak in my ugly-but-warm UGG snowboots! Your choices, just like you, are wonderful!

I did not believe that you did not try on the over the knee boot when you were there. Your Charlie clogs are some of your best, I do not know why they did not make the cut.

They didn't have my size or I would have!  

Best. List. Evar!

I hope the No. 6 boot is indeed under your tree... can't wait to see pics!
I'm intrigued by over-the-knee boots yet terrified to actually invest in a pair without seeing them in the wild.

I keep you (and your shoe size) in mind when treasure hunting at local thrift stores.
Two days ago I happened upon a pair of size 11 clogs but they had man-made soles.
Plus the style was just boring... they would have never made it to this list. :)

Thank you very much for being on the prowl for me! I used to snap up anything I saw that was in my size (and I have to admit, it did get me into a couple of styles I wouldn't normally have chosen but ended up actually enjoying), but these days I have the good fortune to be more discriminating. Life is too short for boring shoes!

OTK boots are awesome! But, seriously, try them on before making a purchase. If they are too snug at the knee, they can be a real pain. They should be loose enough at the knee that flexing your knee is comfortable. The best OTK styles, IMHO, are those where the back is cut down below the crease in your knee while the front extends over the top of the knee. These are the style of boots that the mounted Life Guards and Blues and Royals of HM's Household Cavalry wear in London--as did the now-extinct Noble Guard of the Pope, they were designed to protect the front of the knee but allow easy mobility in bending as the back of the boot was below the bend in the knee.

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