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I love, love, love Sven's clogs! Thanks for letting us know that they've updated their website...gotta go check it out right now!

Oh! I didn't even look at the boot section... that red shearling pair is right up my alley.

It crossed my mind that it might be! Someday you have to send in a photo of your colorful collection! 

Speaking of Svens, the pair of medium-heel slip-ons I ordered for my husband came today. I ordered the largest size, 43, which is what he wears. They fit him fine and look very good, although the higher heel height is more noticeable with the natural base, but he prefers that over the dyed base.

Because it is a size 43 women's base, it runs narrow, which is OK for my husband as he has narrow feet, a C width. However, for you guys out there that have a wide width, or even a regular width, they may be too tight width wise, although the length is perfect.

It's a good-looking clog that really is unisex in the dark colors. I ordered smooth black leather. The adjustable strap is great, like on the Donatellos and Raphaels, so you can get a good fit depending on your instep.

I told him to snap a picture before he leaves for work later this afternoon and I'll e-mail it to Lindsey later in the day.

Included in the box was a color catalogue illustrating all the styles available from Svens.

Cool! It'll be good to hear from a reporter in the field!

I "need" some summer clogs that I can wear sans sox—these may be just the ticket!

You go, girl! Make that purchase for those of us who can't right now!

Seriously, I've been meaning to visit my local Fluevogeria to try out the Scout and Guide, but they're not located on one of my usual flightpaths so that mission has been delayed.  Meantime, there are other purchases that are beckoning if only the price was right. So I exist in a strange zone of having made no new purchases since December.  Very unusual for me. And possibly a contributing factor to the ongoing sense of malaise I've been feeling since late January!  

My husband and I rarely, if ever, wear socks in the warm weather with clogs. The winter is a different story, but socks or pantyhose make the clogs slip more. Nothing like going barefoot with clogs in the summer.

Bought a mid-heel T-strap with a natural sole and red patent leather in the butterfly heart pattern. Excited!!

The power of the internet! Connecting clog lovers with their clogs!

I love that some of the clogs sandals go up to 43. They are getting closer. I may still try on a pair.

Sad to report the Svens website is not entirely up to date: some of the leathers are no longer available. But the customer service folks are awesomely helpful, so all is well with my order (now I have fuchsia patent instead of a printed one... fine with me!)

Deflated. Swedish clogs are sooo narrow—I don't have a wide foot, but these are pretty darned tight. Uncomfortable to do much walking in, and not returnable. Sigh. Maybe they can be stretched some...


Well, I have a drawer full of shoe stretchers and similar devices for just such an occasion. You're welcome to drop by and borrow some.

: )

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