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Thank you Lindsay for the amazing feature and the sweet words! The Onni shoes feature was really interesting to read!

All the best!

xx sandra

those last pair of shoes might be the only pair of clogs i would wear...but your blog is starting to convince me otherwise :)


Aren't those Zara sandals gorgeous? It's a pity they're only available in Europe. Oh, well. At least that removes one temptation from my life.

More pics of them uploaded here:


and here:



Thank you! I thought I loved clogs, and then I started this blog. Now I REALLY love clogs!

ONNI is so awesome!

I keep wandering back to look at that winter boot version that Tuula created. But all the designs are stunning.

By the way, if you like the laced to your foot look of ONNI, you might also enjoy the unique style of Mohop Shoes. I featured the distinctive designs of Annie Mohaupt previously here:


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