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I love love love my Tessa clogs! In fact, I can't wait until summer when I can wear them all day, every day. Right now, I'm bringing them to work and then changing out of my boots to don them. They're probably the most comfortable clogs I have, and they were, incidentally, the most inexpensive pair as well. They're like these: http://www.tessaclogs.com/blackpatenthighheelsandal.aspx
, but in a lovely sienna color.

I'm not sure if they're still doing shows, but for a while, Tessa was a vendor at a holiday show put on by the Junior League in KC (my hometown). They are truly some of the nicest people and their kids are *so* cute. I have bronze metallic leather ones--http://www.tessaclogs.com/bronzefoil.aspx--that get me compliments wherever I go!

They DO seem like sweet people. Next time Im in Colorado Ill have to see if I can steer the rental car toward Vail and pay them a visit!

By the way, is KC still your hometown? My son started college there last fall so Im getting to know the city a little bit.


Sadly no. My husband and I moved to South Florida about two years ago and we miss it every day. Feel free to email me if you are looking for KC suggestions, where to buy clogs, food recs, etc etc!

Has anybody purchased the extreme heel clog? If so, does it run true to size? After searching for a clog that has a higher heel but still looks like a clog, and would be "appropriate" for a guy I think this clog is it.

Oops, I meant ultimate heel cogs from Tessa in my last post.

Thanks for asking. ;I've been a fan of the Tessa high heeled clogs for awhile now, but I would need them in a 42 or 43 so I've never placed an order. I do know a male reader who's looked into other Tessa clogs for himself. Let me get him to chime in on this comment thread.

As far as the search for higher heeled clogs for guys, I'm going to do a little digging myself and post what I can come up with this Friday on the next Guy Day Friday feature.  Make sure you come back then. Among other things, I'm thinking of creating a petition of sorts to send to the folks at Tessa (and some other makers I know of) showing that there are a number of customers ready and willing to buy a higher heeled men's clog when one finally becomes available. I think if we can get a significant number of readers to get on board, we can inspire some maker to place a special order with his/her manufacturer! Tune in Friday.

Thanks for giving me the idea!

On the issue of higher heeled clogs for men, I would love to see what you find that do not look too feminine. I think it might be interesting to have a poll to see what heel heights would be worn by men who like clogs and like to wear clogs.

The issue often comes down to large enough sizes. There are quite a few chunky high heeled styles out there that my male readers would be willing to wear, but the manufacturers just don't make them in anything over a 10.  

This Kurt Geiger pair is plenty sturdy and rugged, but they only made it up to size 41.

Women's Shoes Online, Kurt Geiger Boston Tan Courts Classic

I know about that clog and would love to buy it - it comes in my size. However, it is not sold in the us and Kurt Geiger won't ship. Any other thoughts on sturdy and rugged higher heeled clogs?

i can't wait to see guy day friday

I am pleased as punch with my tessa clogs as are my daughter and great grand daughter. Iordered two pair in pink and they just love them. My great grand daughter will soon grow out of hers and i guess i`ll have to order her another pair in what ever color she decides on this time. My clogs seem to get more comfortable the longer i wear them. For some reason, the navy pair seem to feel a tad better in the fit than the black pair. Thinking about this i must admit that i do wear the blue pair more often. I also have to say these clogs wear like iron and are almost indestructable! You will never retire wealthy with these clogs as long lasting as they are! I read the items about high heel clogs for men and i believe it would be a great idea. I have some back problems and my doctor recommended wearing a higher heel shoe. Other than western boots, there is not a high heel mans shoe and i have a few pair of womens high heel loafers i wear without any tasteless comments. While this is satisfactory to me, im sure it would bother some men unless they,of course are living an alternate lifestyle. I have noticed evidences of this type of lifestyle more often and in a broader spectrum. I`m sure the heel height would be less of a problem than the style of shoe would be. Guess i`ve rattled on enough so will stop hera and once again "thank you" for providing such a marvelous product!

Thanks for your comments. I've heard nothing but good things about Tessa Clogs. I'm glad your experience has been the same!

Best clogs EVER.......found your site while surfing......best surf I 've found YET.....People friendly HELP as I order on phone easily........love all the designs from whimsy to colorful CUTE!! Keep designing and hand painting LOVE IT ALL.!!

Thank you for the feedback! 

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